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Padini Furniture package

Combining the beauty of wood with soft leather the Padini package includes everything you need to outfit the entire home in coordinating Modern design style.

Pedini wengue headboard

Ideal for both personal and vacation rental.

Timeless and contemporary pieces that are unique and of the highest quality, making this collection ideal for both personal and  vacation rental.

The Padini collection is entirely customisable sofas come in a variety of fabrics, colours and sizes.
You may want to option for leather or even Incorporate a sofabed.

Contact one of our team of professional home design consultants, who can help guide you towards the perfectly designed home to ideally match your needs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Although many don’t like the idea of it, it is perfectly fine to mix wood shades!

The contrast between light floors and dark wood allows the furniture to really pop and keeps the room balanced – stopping it from appearing too dark. One of the biggest benefits of opting for wooden furniture and flooring is that it always matches because it is made of the same material!

That said, if you are still nervous, you can match warm-toned dark wood furniture, as in the Padini furniture package, with warm-toned light wood floors to help keep a space coordinated, and vice versa with cool tones.

To order the Padini furniture package, send us an email or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to complete your order.

Dark wooden furniture can make rooms feel smaller if you don’t know how to balance them with your space.

Just as the dark Padini furniture is balanced out by lighter elements in the package, like the cream-coloured sofa and white dining chairs, to balance out dark furniture, the rest of your room should be lighter and airier.

This will ensure your rooms feel more cavernous than cave-like.

Our top tips for keeping rooms feeling light:

• Ensure you have plenty of light to stop deep shadows forming

• Pair darker furniture with lighter wall colours

• Keep the clutter to a minimum

If you’re ready to order, feel free to send us an email and we’ll be in touch to process your order – giving you the chance to ask any questions or swap items out items you aren’t keen on.

All Furniture Express packages are amendable, allowing you to swap out individual items that don’t float your boat.

But is there a limit on how many pieces you can swap?

No! Whether you want to change 3 pieces or 23 pieces, our experienced team will work with you to create the bespoke Padini furniture package of your dreams – giving you the home you see in your mind’s eye.

The best part? Any and every item included in the package can be swapped, allowing for a fully bespoke service.

To order today, call us or fill in our contact form with all of your furniture wishes and our team will be in touch to arrange everything from ordering to your delivery date.

Although we might be slightly biased, we believe all of our furniture packages are incredible value for both time and money.

For the phenomenal cost of just €11,200 to furnish an entire property with hand-chosen, high-quality furniture.

This includes the:

• Kitchen

• Dining room

• Living room

• Any bathrooms

• Master or main bedroom

• Second bedroom

It is important to realise that this includes everything – so you won’t need to bring anything other than your personal possessions and clothes!

It also saves you valuable time, as your entire home can be furnished in as little as the time it takes you to browse our packages and put your order through with us.

Compared to the hours you’d need to spend trawling the internet or visiting shops – your saving hours and hours!

Just email us or give us a call to get started when you are ready!

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