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Furniture Packs

A Spanish furniture pack from Furniture Express is a stress-free and simple way to furnish your whole home in one go.

Forget spending hours trawling the internet or exploring furniture salesrooms – because we’ve done the hard work for you – by collating absolutely everything you will need for your newest property.

The only question is, which of our stylish furniture packs will you choose?

Is a furniture pack suitable for any size home?

Our starter furniture packs are designed for any property that is two-bedroom, two-bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean that larger or smaller homes can’t use a furniture pack as a starting point.

To ensure they work for any size home, from one to ten bedrooms, with every furniture pack you order, you can:

  • Add extra whole rooms’ worth of furniture
  • Remove rooms of furniture, for example, if you have a one-bedroom flat
  • Include individual pieces of furniture from other furniture packs or our main catalogue
  • Swap or remove individual pieces that aren’t your cup of tea
  • Mix packs to give your home a unique identity

This utmost flexibility means that furniture packs are an ideal solution for homes of any type, size, or style.


Benefits of a furniture pack

There are many varied benefits of a furniture pack, compared to the traditional way of shopping for furniture, which includes:

·      Reduced stress and workload

The biggest thing our customers love about furniture packs is the ease and time-saving it offers them.

As everything is included, from furniture to light fixtures and curtains, cutlery, crockery, and bedding, you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else before you or your tenant moves in. 

This takes a potentially enormous to-do list down to one manageable task that can be completed in as little as an hour – saving you time, stress, and maybe even money too!

·      Complete flexibility

Whether you want to add or remove whole rooms, or just swap out individual items that don’t float your boat, you have complete creative control with every furniture pack.

Each pack comes with an itemised catalogue, complete with images of the furniture itself, so you know exactly what you are ordering and can imagine it in situ before you place your order – helping you to be sure about your order.

·      In-house design teams

Knowing your design style and what furniture goes together well is a developed skill for most people, which can make first-timers very nervous.

But worry not, for those who have neither the interest nor the ability to spend hours designing their dream home, our experienced in-house design team can help.

Helping with everything from measuring up and picking a style that will suit you to choosing individual items that add personality, they can do it all.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

·      Price Transparency

For those on a careful budget or who want to know ahead of time what they will need to pay, each furniture pack from Furniture Express comes with a complete price, inclusive of tax. 

This can range from €9,250 for the Casares Wengue package to €17,995 for the Valencia Lux White furniture pack.

Our team will also be able to advise of any further price changes, if you tweak the contents of your furniture pack or remove rooms, etc.

This means you’ll never be in the dark about what you are paying, helping to completely remove the chance of a nasty surprise at the till.

·      Expert delivery and installation

Once you have put your order through, our team will be able to help you choose a delivery date that works with your schedule.

Plus, as delivery comes with careful installation – including unwrapping the furniture, positioning it, and taking away any waste – it couldn’t be easier for you.


Furniture packs for everyone from Furniture Express

Whether you need to furnish a rental property or are filling your newest home with furniture gems, a furniture pack is simple, easy, and stress-free – while remaining classy and stylish.

To get started today, browse our packages to find your favourite.

Then, when you are ready to order, call us or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to help!

Furniture packs FAQs

If there is a specific item or two in the furniture pack that isn’t to your taste, simply mention this to our team at the point of order and we’ll remove it for you – it’s as easy as that.

We understand that every home is as different and personal as the person buying it, so we make customising your furniture package as easy as possible.

Once the item is removed, we can either add in an item to replace it or move on to recalculating your total price, which will be inclusive of tax.

If you are interested in a furniture package but are unsure about where to start, you can get expert help from our in-house design team at any time.

Just email us or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch to get your furniture dreams underway.

Some furniture providers prioritise style and finish over comfort, resulting in rooms that can look amazing but are unpleasant to relax and live in.

At Furniture Express, we aim to strike a more reasonable balance – offering high-end design with the comfort you and your tenants need to relax.

So, whether you want a mattress that will support a deep, dreamless sleep or a sofa you can sink into to catch up on the newest box set, we can do it all.

While also impressing your guests with your superb style and taste.

To order a comfortable and cool furniture pack, reach out today and our team will take care of it for you - just email us or give us a call to get started.

Every furniture pack from Furniture Express is calculated bespoke for every order.

This allows our team to generate the most accurate price for every customer, so you always have the best value for money. This final price includes a combination of the following factors:

1. The price of the furniture pack – each furniture pack has a different price for a two-bed, two-bath property.

2. Any additions or removed items – all of which can decrease or increase the price, depending on the changes you make.

3. Delivery and installation – which is calculated at the point of order.

To find out more when you are ordering, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team if you are unsure how they have reached a final price – they will happily go through it with you.

If you would like to know more or get a quote, why not send us an email? We’ll be in touch to complete and process your order – including expert, no-fuss delivery and installation – as soon as we can.

As each furniture pack can be edited to be completely bespoke, every order can be prepared to suit properties of any size.

This includes a studio or one-bedroom apartment up to a ten-bedroom villa – and beyond.

Moreover, thanks to our talented design team, we can make sure that your furniture pack will help your home flow and feel like home, no matter how big or small the property is.

When you are ready to discuss the furniture package of your choice or you want to order, email us or give us a call – all orders from Furniture Express are fully editable to suit your exact needs.

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