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Furniture in Las Lagunas

As one of three distinctive areas within the Mijas Costa – a 12km coastal stretch of modern, tourist-orientated development – Las Lagunas is a modern residential and commercial area.

Located to the north and west of Fuengirola, Las Lagunas de Mijas features local, historical museums, seven golf courses and a busy agricultural industry – and, of course, great weather! In the Costa del Sol region, Las Lagunas de Mijas is in close proximity to the sea and enjoys semi-tropical temperatures, rising to a hot 30 °C in the summer months.

There are various kinds of properties available for sale in the Las Lagunas region, including apartments, townhouses and villas. And if you find your perfect palace, whichever form this may take, you will also to furnish it. So why not pay a visit to Furniture Express for your furniture in Las Lagunas?

With more than a decade of experience in providing an exceptional, customer-centric service across the Costa del Sol, Furniture Express have a wide catalogue of furniture – for every room in the house!

We have furniture packages for the lounge, dining room, master bedroom and second bedroom (with two beds), with a plethora of accessories and everything you need for the bathroom and kitchen (10 packages), we also have 8 special collections:

Heart of Glass

Our Heart of Glass collection showcases the simplicity and clean lines of glass in many forms. We stock a number of console tables, ideal for the living area or hallway, as well as side tables, where you can put your drinks and snacks.

We have also teamed the glass with high white gloss, chrome, wood and marble for some of our pieces, if you want to carry a certain colour theme or contrast throughout your property. Glass is timeless and, if looked after properly, can last a lifetime. This makes it a good investment, as you won’t need to replace it – unless you want to, of course!

Wonderful Wood

Wood is a fantastic choice if you are looking to bring the outside in at your new property. With an option of various types and colours of wood, our Wonderful Wood collection infuses wood into a lot of our furniture pieces.

These include dining tables, sideboards, TV units, side tables and shelving. We also use wood for some of our accessories, including shelving and lamps. We can also carry the theme outside on your patio, poolside or terrace, as some of our outdoor furniture is rattan – a kind of wood that has vertical grain.

If you are looking for furniture in Las Lagunas for your new property or rental, then you can’t go far wrong with this wood collection.

Marvellous Marble

Cool to the touch and striking to look at, our marble collection features tables that use designer marble, including Italian marble, ideal for both the interior and exterior. With the option of a number of shapes, including round, square and rectangle, some of the bases are made from other materials, such as chrome.

To complement your marble furniture pieces – and create a ‘pop’ of colour if you so wish – is to include some of our accessories. These may incorporate rugs, wall-hanging decorations, lamps and lighting – or even a well-chosen plant!

Go for Gold

Although gold may not be the everyday choice of many people, it may be something you decide to incorporate into your new home. Because if you can’t happily show off your indulgent side in sunny Spain, when can you?!?

We stock some pieces that really give you a pop of gold that you can style your property with, throughout your main living spaces. These include gold dining chairs, side tables, dining tables, side tables and console tables.

White Design

Absolutely perfect for a Spanish home, our white collection really sparkles and shines when the hot summer sun streams through the window and hits it! And we have pieces, both big and small, that are ideal for every room in your house.

These range from anything from TV units, side tables and coffee tables to sideboards, bedside cabinets and lamp tables. We also use other materials, together with the white, for our dining tables – such as glass, wood or chrome.

A Modern Romance

Our Modern Romance collection brings some colour into your property, whether it is in the bedroom via the headboard and bedside cabinets, or the lounge with beautiful colours in the sofas or chairs.

Our romance collection also features some unique bedside pieces, coffee tables and console tables. We even include some paintings for the wall in this collection too, as they can transform a rather plain area into something quite beautiful – and yes, romantic too!

Executive Club

As you can probably picture in your mind, our Executive Club collection is a lot of darker tones, complemented by greys and whites, which is reminiscent of a private members club.

Featuring a mixture of marble, glass and white, we have a number of luxury sofas that come in blues, browns, greys and purples, which can often be the pop of colour the space is crying out for. This collection also features sideboards, dining tables, armchairs, beds and bedside pieces.

On the Beach House

On the Beach House collection is exactly what it says on the tin! As you would probably associate with living on a beach, this gives us proper Ibiza vibes with plenty of wood and glass pieces. We even have accessories that really suit this theme, including a cool Mandala for the wall!

If you’re not sure which one of our furniture packages or can’t picture them in your new home, then pop into our showroom to have a look and get further inspiration!

You will find our 2000m2 showroom at Edificio Biarritz Centro Comercial Monte, Autovía del Mediterráneo, Km 169, 29680 Biarritz in Málaga. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time, you can give us a call on 0034952886677 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Furniture In Las Lagunas – FAQs

Definitely not - our customers are located throughout the Costa del Sol so all you need to do is give us a ring on 0034952886677 and we will be able to confirm your delivery location. From the minute you make contact us, we will ensure that we talk you through the process and keep you updated at every stage, to ensure that you are perfectly happy with everything as we progress.

Absolutely! From the minute you decide you want to work with us, we will sign you up to our free personal shopper experience with a design consultant. They will be able to look at the space you have available for furnishings and design the layout. They will then go through this with you to see if there is anything you would like to change or give you with more options.

Your property is probably going to be your new holiday home, or even your primary residence, so it’s important to us that you get to be as comfortable as possible. And be very happy with the furniture packages that you have chosen.

Yes, we can definitely do that for you. We always have room to manoeuvre when it comes to our furniture packages, as we know that not everybody likes the same thing, all of the time.

Our prices are per furniture package, but there is opportunity to swap the same-priced pieces from one package to another. And of course, there is the possibility that you may decide to not go for any of our furniture packages at all and just simply pick out pieces that you are attracted to – and that is completely fine with us as well.

We have an excellent reputation when it comes to giving our customers what they ask for and expect – so just speak to us and we’ll see what we can do!

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