New year, new furniture!

As the potential bounty of 2024 unfolds before us, many people will be making new year’s resolutions and focussing on how they can improve their lives this year.

For some, this will mean focussing on their health, fitness, or job prospects – while for others it can include making their home a little more homely.

And the easiest way to achieve this is with new furniture!

So, how can you improve the home you have? The experts at Furniture Express reveal all.


Shop for new furniture on a budget

If you are coming into 2024 with a smaller budget than 2023, you might worry that buying furniture is out of the equation.

Don’t fear, however, you can still make a big impact with smaller items of furniture and décor – while remaining cost-effective, too.

Just follow our top tips for tiny improvements!

  1. Choose the room that is looking tired – usually one you spend a lot of time in for maximum impact.
  2. Tidy the room and, if you can, remove the smaller items of furniture that are letting the room down.
  3. Look at these pieces of furniture closely and decide which is the worst – it could be that it’s damaged, it doesn’t match anything else, or it is just looking tired.
  4. Return the furniture that made the cut – this can always be replaced at another time.
  5. Start shopping for alternatives to the item that needs replacing.

The most common small changes are items like side tables and coffee tables but can also include more decorative items like mirrors or wall art especially if it no longer matches the aesthetic of the room.

Though they may cost much less than vans of new furniture, these small tweaks and additions can really change the impression of a room – helping it look more luxurious and feel homelier.Bedroom Furniture

Choose new furniture for a single room

If you have the means to, redoing an entire room can help you fall in love with underused spaces once again – especially if they are currently abandoned and empty.

This is a very exciting opportunity too, as you can change not just the appearance, but the use of the room too, so you can be sure you will use it.

If this sounds like the predicament you are in, read our top tips for whole-room refurbishment!

  1. Discuss with the people who live in the house with you how the room could be better used – you may be surprised at some of the suggestions you are offered!
  2. Decide on the new use for the room and clear out old furniture and belongings that need to be moved elsewhere.
  3. Browse our furniture pages, which are helpfully collated under the identity or use of the room, for example, dining room or bedroom.
  4. Choose your items, starting with the largest pieces of furniture you definitely need, and place an order! This is also an excellent way to keep an eye on how much you are spending – as you can prioritise the essentials and add extras, like decorations, as you go.

If you don’t know where to start, you can also speak to our design experts – their job is to make your furniture dreams a reality while remaining on budget, perfect for smaller new year’s makeovers.

Just call us at 0034 952 88 66 77/ +34 952 88 66 77 or email us at  to get started!

Invest in new furniture for the whole home

For those with a bigger budget, or for new homeowners looking to prepare their home for moving in – new furniture packs are an excellent place to start!

Efficient, stunning, and stylish, furniture packs from Furniture Express allow you to fill your entire home in one fell swoop – no matter the size, shape, or layout of your home or your budget.

Each furniture pack delivers a specific design aesthetic, from modern to traditional Spanish, which allows you to instantly impress your taste and personality on a blank canvas.

Worried you’ll end up with items you don’t like?

Our design team have thought of this already – simply note the specific items you don’t like and either leave them out or swap them for replacements from our existing inventory that you like best!

To fill your home with new furniture via a furniture pack, all you need to do is:

  1. Measure your new home and make a note of these numbers and a rough layout – you may be able to get this information via a floor plan from the estate agent to save you some time.
  2. Browse our variety of furniture packs and choose your favourite, making a note of items you want to add or remove from your order.
  3. Contact our team to order then sit back and relax!

Your chosen furniture will then be ordered, delivered, and popped into place by our specialist furniture installations team – where you can then enjoy it.

Need new furniture? Contact the team at Furniture Express

Whether you are filling a rental property or redoing your home, Furniture Express can help.

Customers across Spain have chosen us time and time again to furnish their homes and you could too – simply give us a call on 0034 952 88 66 77/ +34 952 88 66 77 or fill in our contact form and our team will be in touch.