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A necessary addition to any home, chairs have many uses. From storing clothes and bags to allowing children to clamber and play – you do much more than relax in a chair.

However you use your chairs, they should always be stylish and enhance the feel of your home.

So, if you need somewhere to while away a rainy afternoon, let the experts at Furniture Express introduce you to our range of chairs.


Where did chairs originate?

Depictions and extant examples of the oldest chairs have survived from as far back as c.2785 – 2742 BC, in the time of Pharoah Nynnetjer of Ancient Egypt, and included many forms, from stools and benches to more recognisable chairs and thrones.

This means that as a species, humans have been building and using chairs, in one form or another, for over 4,000 years!

Chairs have also been used in almost all civilisations, no matter where they are found on the globe – a testament to their endless and worldwide appeal.

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