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Marvelous Marble

Denoting timeless elegance and natural beauty, marble furniture can instantly lift the luxury levels of your home and create a chic, yet contemporary feel.

Marble has been used for decoration and adornment since the prehistoric age, while furniture tops, such as chests of drawers and occasional tables, have been widely used since the 18th and 19th centuries – remaining popular even now.

Browse our Marvellous Marble collection today to find your new favourite piece!

What is the Marvellous Marble range?

The Marvellous Marble collection shines the spotlight on the marble furniture from our main directory, allowing homeowners or landlords to choose specific pieces to add to their existing furniture.

Unlike our furniture packs which allow you to fill your home in one fell swoop, our Marvellous Marble range is made up of single items that can be ordered independently or swapped in when personalising a whole home package.

This means you can instantly refresh the key items in your home that might be looking tired or order a selection to redo a new room – it’s completely up to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marble furniture is perfect for use all over the home, even in areas prone to water spillage, like kitchens and bathrooms.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, you shouldn’t find any damage, no matter where you place your marble furniture – meaning it should last for decades.

Possible alternative uses for marble furniture include:

• A marble table in a bathroom or wet room can be a stylish way to store cosmetics and towels and provide that hotel feel.

• A marble side table in an annexe or nook gives you a lavish way to store your essentials while you relax.

• A dining table with a marble top can create an extravagant and dramatic place to enjoy meals.

• A marble sideboard can hide day-to-day clutter and establish a focal point on blank walls.

Your options really are endless!

To order marble furniture from the Marvellous Marble package, send us an email or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you to complete your order.

Apart from its stylish looks, one of the best things about marble furniture is how long it lasts – practically forever!

As long as you keep it clean and maintain it with wax as and when needed, there is no reason your marble furniture shouldn’t last for decades.

This makes marble furniture an excellent investment that will turn heads for many years to come.

Worried you won’t always have the same décor?

Another wonderful feature of marble furniture is its ability to coordinate with any décor style you may opt for in the future – thanks to its range of neutral stone and vein colours.

If you need help choosing, you can come and see our marble furniture in person at our local Estepona store. Alternatively, if you are ready to order, you can send us an email and we’ll be in touch to process your order as soon as we can.

Marble is a hardwearing stone that is quarried all over the world for décor, furniture, worktops, or flooring.

And it can be very heavy – yet surprisingly delicate.

For this reason, on delivery day, our team of experts will gently unwrap your new marble furniture and carefully place it into your chosen position, as directed by you.

To care for your marble furniture and lessen the chance of damage, you should clean and maintain it regularly, and move it carefully - with the right number of people to support the furniture.

Mishandling or dropping the furniture could result in cracks, chips, or breakages that cannot be repaired – so you should always be cautious if repositioning.

To order today, give us a call or fill in our contact form and our team will be in touch to arrange everything from manufacture to delivery.

How much care your marble furniture needs will depend on the type you have, as:

• Polished marble should be waxed after routine cleaning to seal and protect the stone.

• Honed marble doesn’t need waxing and should simply be cleaned regularly.

All marble furniture from Furniture Express comes waxed, if needed, as part of the manufacturing process, with rewaxing required when water no longer beads on the surface or if the shine is dull.

When you order, you can ask our agents what kind of marble your new items are made from, so you have time to purchase any necessary maintenance items before they arrive – which should include soft, uncoloured cloths for cleaning.

Just email us or give us a call to get started!

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