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Heart of Glass

With roots that go back as far as 1850, glass furniture remains as popular as ever in homes across the world.

Sturdier than its delicate appearance would have you believe and able to blend in behind the scenes of busy homes everywhere, the Heart of Glass range from Furniture Express celebrates our love for glass furniture.

Browse our Heart of Glass collection and find your new favourite piece!

What is the Heart of Glass range?

The Heart of Glass collection puts our favourite glass furniture items in one easy-to-browse section, allowing you to create a new look for your whole home with a Heart of Glass furniture pack, or replace key furniture items that might be looking a bit tired.

Our Heart of Glass collection is so versatile, making it popular with homes of all styles and a variety of inhabitants, including chaotic families, pet parents, and sophisticated couples alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All glass furniture from the Heart of Glass collection is safe for children and pets. This is because all glass furniture is made from tempered glass, which makes it incredibly hard to break unless exposed to very significant impact.

Tempered glass is around four times stronger than normal glass and the process means that if the glass does break, it falls into many small granules, not the sharp and dangerous splinters of traditional glass.

Making glass furniture safe for homes and families.

To order anything from the Heart of Glass collection, come and see us in our Estepona store to test out the furniture in person or send us an email to order online.

Glass is a common furniture material thanks to its glamorous appearance and versatility.

This makes it a great partner for mixed-material furniture that includes wood or metal.

You may worry that glass is too modern to pair with wooden furniture. But quite often, the mix of materials elevates the wood, giving it a contemporary feel and making a real statement.

Don’t believe us? Check out our favourite Heart of Glass pieces, which include the duo wood and glass dining table.

Warm enough to be welcoming, thanks to the curvaceous wooden legs, but with a contemporary edge thanks to the clean-cut glass top. Perfection.

To make the duo wood and glass dining table or any other Heart of Glass items yours today, call us on 0034 952 88 66 77 or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Just as it can be combined with any material, glass is the ideal companion to any décor style.

From the shabby chic to the industrial, the boho to the traditional Spanish, glass is the perfect finishing touch for any number of decorating styles.

Glass works as the main feature of a room, or it can be a side piece in a smaller area like the hallway -our console tables are perfect for this.

Or you can choose an item of furniture that features mixed materials, like chrome or wood, which will match your existing furniture.

Alternatively, opt for smaller items of all-glass furniture, which is discreet enough to get you used to the new material while remaining small enough to sit beside the sofa.

For help choosing your first glass furniture pieces, speak to our team of in-house design consultants, who can find the perfect glass piece to get you started. Contact them by filling in our online enquiry form or send us an email and they’ll be in touch!

We know that sunlight can cause colour fade for ornaments, wallpaper, and paint – but can it damage your glass furniture?

In some circumstances, direct sunlight can ruin the appearance of glass furniture.

The good news, however, is that this is very easy to avoid – simply cover windows near glass furniture with anything from full curtains to light voile curtains or blinds during the day and the risk is completely negated.

For more tips on how to care for your glass furniture, contact the experts at Furniture

Express by calling us on 0034 952 88 66 77 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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