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Furniture Packages Spain (Marbella and Estepona), Portugal

Many people who are considering moving to Spain from other countries have enjoyed a level of customer care which sets us apart from most other furniture stores to be found in Spain and our complete furniture packages include every last item imaginable to make moving into their new homes for the first time an enjoyable event.

As well as providing furniture packs for apartments and villas in the areas of Costa de la Luz, Almeria, Malaga, Estepona, Gibraltar, Costa del Sol and Marbella in Spain, we are also able to offer our services to those moving to Portugal and we can also take care of interior design should this be required.

The full catalogue of products which we are capable of supplying from our furniture shops in Spain also includes complete garden furniture packages and this has also helped to secure our reputation as one of the best furniture shops currently trading in Spain to the areas of Estepona, Gibraltar, Costa del Sol.

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  • Furniture Packages Algarve-5.jpg
    Furniture Packages Algarve-5
  • Furniture Packages Spain-Casares.jpg
    Furniture Packages Spain-Casares
  • Interior Design Furniture Pack8.jpg
  • Light Oak, Marina de la Duquesa, Brenton 016.jpg
    Light Oak, Marina de la Duquesa, Brenton 016
  • Padini Furniture Pack9.jpg
  • Interior Design Furniture Pack10.jpg
  • Furniture Package_white_web3.jpg
    Furniture Package_white_web3
  • Marbella Marble Furniture Package 37.jpg
  • White padded headboard with silver and black.jpg
    White padded headboard with silver and black
  • Marbella Furniture Pack8.jpg
  • Furniture Package_white_web2.jpg
    Furniture Package_white_web2
  • Marbella Marble Furniture Package 40.jpg
  • 1291904653-mexican15.jpg
  • Interior Design Furniture Pack1.jpg
  • Furniture Packages Algarve-15.jpg
    Furniture Packages Algarve-15
  • 1358437380-foto5.jpeg
    Composition Q4
  • 1361372682-avana.jpg
    Avana Bedroom 2
  • 1394749755-bambutableand6chairs2.jpg
    Weater-proof rattan table and 6 chairs
  • 1296496990-mirrors.jpg
  • 1296496978-lamps.jpg
  • 1296496992-mirrors.jpg
  • 1296496661-javasunbed.jpg
  • 1296494654-mod740.jpg
    Mod 740 Beds
  • 1361372574-167sulawesybedroom2012.jpg
    Sulawesy Bedroom
  • 1292239225-fabricsofabed.jpg
    Fabric Sofabed
  • 1403717420-sarahcreambondedleather.jpg
    Sarah Cream sofas
  • 1296492355-padini17.jpg
    Padini Table with 6 High Backed Chairs
  • 1296493336-solidwoodwengueheadboards.jpg
    Solid Wood Wengue Headboards
  • 1361372549-129lambabedroom2012ret.jpg
    Lamba Bedroom
  • 1361372597-169tsuwhitebedroom2012ret.jpg
    Tsu White Bedroom
  • 1403717469-chocolatesarahsofas.jpg
    Sara Chocolate
  • 1361372437-064tropicanabedroom2012.jpg
    Tropicana Bedroom
  • 1394750118-javabrowntableandchairs.jpg
    Java brown patio table
  • 1296493250-metalbunkbeds.jpg
    Metal Bunkbeds
  • 1296497475-arganda.jpg
    Arganda Cabinets
  • 1361372408-004africabedroom2012.jpg
    Africa Bedroom2 012
  • 1292243969-tub.jpg
  • 1296493166-chocolateflutedheadboard.jpg
    Chocolate Fluted Headboard
  • 1308847738-m750removablecovers.jpg
  • 1361372498-072tahirabedroom2012.jpg
    Tahira Bedroom
  • 1296494887-mod780.jpg
    Modern Beds 780
  • 1296495158-upholsteredsuede.jpg
    Upholstered Suede
  • 1394749901-cremacornerunit210cmx270cm.jpg
    Corner unit crema
  • 1361372695-cross.jpg
    Cross Bedroom
  • 1361372452-065nakobedroom2012.jpg
    Nako Bedroom

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Thanks Liz.It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Everything has been handled is such a professional manner. Thank you for that and again we hope to see you soon. ...Furniture packs Marbella and Estepona

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